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AMPC Meat Industry Engineering Network Meeting| April 12, 2017

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AMPC Meat Industry Engineering Network Meeting in Brisbane. Wednesday 12 April 2017.  Workshop is conducted to benefit those that work within the maintenance/engineering departments of meat processing plants.  These meetings represent a good opportunity for managers and engineers to get up to date information on training developments and current industry trends and requirements and give all the opportunity to discuss current issues that have an effect on maintenance and repair of plant and equipment.Michael talked about the benefits of CO2 Refrigeration for Meat Processors. He pointed out its major value which has no phase outs, phase downs, taxes, levies and the likes. Plants can save electricity and fuel and achieves net cheapest overall capital cost. CO2 is compact and light, cheaper in building structure. It is 20-50 % much cheaper than equivalent ammonia system. It is safe, non-flammable and effectively non-toxic.There are two types of CO2 systems. 1.) Single-stage which is used for chilling only; 2.) Two-stage that has parallel compressors and air-conditioning. It is used for chilling, freezing and boiling hot water; 3.) Heat Pumps and Chillers which is best for chilling water for spray chilling/ air-conditioning. CO2 systems operate in subcritical or trans-critical mode, depending on ambient conditions. Ejectors can increase efficiency further. Even in hot climate, a full CO2 system will use much less power that a Freon System and generates hot water. 


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The M40 team at Foodtech QLD after a successful 3 days.

 Energy, in the form of electricity and gas, is one of the largest business costs in the food sector.

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